How I built this site

I figured it was about time I join the bandwagon and built my own (minimalist) website where all my projects and interests come together.

I figure a good ‘first blog’ would be to explain how I built this site. Hopefully this helps other people who are looking to do something similar.

My requirements

Here is a simple list of my requirements for a personal website:

What I used to make this site

There was no need to re-invent the wheel - there are literally 1000’s of blogging platforms out there.

With that in mind, I went looking for a solution. Here are some of the platforms / tools that considered:

When I found GitHub pages I didn’t see the need to look further. I use GitHub daily and it looks pretty simple to get things set up.

The stack (summary)

Step by step

  1. Create the GitHub repository
    • Create a repo called <your-username>
    • Full instructions here
  2. Setup the custom domain
    • Create a file named CNAME in the repository like this one here
    • Setup the DNS records with namecheap. Full instructions here
  3. Install Jekyll. I did this by following the 3 commands on their homepage here

  4. How I customized the site;
    • You can find themes here
    • Updated includes here
    • Updated layouts here
    • Created extra pages like this one here

Some issues that I faced (and the resolutions)


It’s easy to preview changes locally (by starting Jekyll) and then push.