mindmybag (active)

A solution to help travellers find a place to store their luggage before check-in or aftery checked-out. The typical customer is an AirBnB or short stay guest. I'm a a solo-founder who developed the entire tech stack while scaling the service into ~20 cities (in under 6 months).

easy deals online (sold)

An ecommerce company that started as a reference store using totallister (see below). I partnered with various suppliers around Australia by listing their products for sale across multiple channels. Shortly after the monthly revenue exceeded 6 figures monthly, I sold the business.

totallister (inactive)

Originally the project started with the goal to help manage eBay listings for companies with 1000's of SKU's. At the time, there was limited options. The project pivoted into a SaaS project that helped companies to manage their multi-channel product listings (ebay, amazon, shopify, magento), customer orders, shipping and customer service.